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Vietnam's central highlands

Da Lat & Gia Lai, two hidden gems

November is an excellent time to visit Vietnam since the weather is neither too hot nor too chilly.

Da Lat is a popular location for tourists visiting Vietnam. The rainy season ends in early November, making this an ideal time to explore these cities.

The Valley of Love, Da Lat Railway Station, the Golden Valley and Mount Langbiang are all located in Da Lat.

Da Lat is also located in the central highlands, so visitors can expect to see marigold flowers. Da Lat University, Pham Hong Thai Street and Minh Hoa Seminary have the greatest floral scenery.

Also, Gia Lai (the name comes from the Jarai people, one of the local indigenous groups) province is located in Vietnam’s central highlands, with a tropical mountain climate.

Tourists should visit the province, when the weather is dry. The rice terraces on the hillsides are ripe at this time, and the marigolds have drawn lovely golden pathways.

Tourists may stay at Pleiku, which is located in the heart of Gia Lai. The Gia Lai Museum, which preserves the cultural and historical relics of local ethnic groups, is one site to visit.

The greatest marigold blossoming landscapes may be seen at Chu Dang Ya Volcano, which is a must-see for flower enthusiasts. The volcano lies 30 kilometers northeast of Pleiku, in the Chu Dang Ya commune of the Chu Pah district.

If you’re afraid of the heat or simply want to stay away from the beach for a bit, there is a fantastic spot to explore in this interesting country during this lovely season.

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