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The story of Kampong Thom

A calm river running through the city center. Cars and motorbikes pass over there on the two bridges, trees with broad branches on the bridge create shade and places of relaxation are created at sunset.

This is Kampong Thom !!!

Due to its location right in the middle of Cambodia, many people think it’s just a “transit city”. Foreigners living in Cambodia call it “ordinary city”, which is neither a big city nor a tourist destination and the remarkable history of the Sambor Prei Kuk ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is synonymous with Kampong Thom.

“How to approach a normal city”

There are no trendy shops, but there are many Khmer “good shops” that the locals love. The city of Kampong Thom is compact. The attraction is that you can cycle everywhere, to places where locals go often, or go when they go to the market in the morning or along the river at sunset.

The Sen River runs through the city center of Kampong Thom. If you cycle 10 minutes along the river from the foot of the bridge where Route 6 passes, you will see the scenery of the village. Before night fell, everyone would go out one after another from the houses along the river to make a net and wash.

If you go up the river by boat, the scenery of the setting sun against the backdrop of Mount Santok in the distance is just a refreshing moment.

Try to walk like a local and it would be even more interesting if you had a dictionary for translations.

Kampong Thom has been a key point of in land transportation since the time of the former king. There are buildings from the mid-1900s around the city that are still in use. If you walk around the old buildings with a guide, you may see a different world.

The fun of this city lies in normal life.

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